IQF Freezing Solution for Blueberries

OctoFrost offers an efficient solution for freezing high-quality IQF blueberries. Together with our reliable equipment we offer our extensive experience and knowledge in blueberry IQF processing.

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<p><strong>Johan Eidfelt</strong></p>

<p>Area Sales Manager North America</p>

<p>Languages: English, Swedish</p>

<p><strong>USA Regional Office</strong></p>

<p>OctoFrost Inc.
	<br>2880 Zanker Road, Suite 203
	<br>San Jose, CA 95134, US
	<br>Tel: <a href="http://tel.:+14088951401/">+1 408 895 1401</a></p>

Johan Eidfelt

Area Sales Manager North America

Languages: English, Swedish

USA Regional Office

OctoFrost Inc.
2880 Zanker Road, Suite 203
San Jose, CA 95134, US
Tel: +1 408 895 1401

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