Applications | OctoFrost

IQF Berries

When it comes to IQF freezing berries, OctoFrost offers highly efficient equipment while keeping customers’ needs in mind. Working with multiple customers processing premium IQF berries, OctoFrost machines manage to carefully handle even the most sensitive types of berries such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and even goji or currants.

IQF Tropical Fruits

For processing and freezing IQF tropical fruits, OctoFrost offers highly efficient technologies by keeping customers’ priorities in mind. OctoFrost equipment is used to process IQF tropical fruits from South America to Middle East and Asia. OctoFrost customers are successfully offering premium quality IQF tropical fruits in international markets.

IQF Vegetables

When processing IQF frozen vegetables – such as broccoli, carrots, peas, corn, edamame, leafy vegetables like spinach and herbs or even whole asparagus or artichoke – OctoFrost offers optimal machinery designed to achieve the best final product while ensuring energy efficient processing, food safety, and high yield for the processor.

IQF Fruits

When processing IQF fruits – such as apple, apricot, peach, melon, etc. – OctoFrost offers highly efficient equipment, designed to achieve the best results even with the most challenging product characteristics, such as high water and sugar content.

IQF Shrimp and Seafood

OctoFrost offers optimal processing equipment for processing IQf seafood – such as shrimp, langoustine and clams – designed to achieve the best final product while ensuring energy efficient processing, food safety and high yield for the processor.

IQF Meat and Poultry

Optimal food safety is one of the most important priorities for meat processors and OctoFrost is dedicated to serve this need. Sticky marinated meat dices, cooked ham slices or dices, ground beef or even kebab meat are just some of the most difficult meat products which OctoFrost equipment can freeze with top quality results.

IQF Cheese

Food safety is key for processors in the cheese and dairy industry. Having the most exigent food safety requirements in the food industry, dairy processors all around the world trust OctoFrost equipment for surpassing these requirements.

IQF Pasta Grains and Pulses

Good separation and food safety are the top priorities for processors in the pasta and grains industries. OctoFrost equipment is trusted to successfully serve these priorities of the biggest producers in these markets.

IQF Vegetarian Meat

For plant-based meat alternatives, the OctoFrost Tunnel Freezer guarantees good product separation, preventing it from sticking to the bedplates and thus facilitating better portioning. Moreover, IQF mechanical freezing can also significantly reduce operating costs and maintenance expenses in the long run.