Vegetable Processing: A Case Study on IQF Edamame
The Power of IQF Technology: A case of Edamame Processing

The Power of IQF Technology: A case of Edamame Processing

Jun 19, 2023

The popularity of IQF products has surged due to their convenience and superior hygiene, leading fruit and vegetable processors to expand their product lines to process increasingly more exotic products. This trend has created the opportunity for food processing machinery manufacturers to design equipment that caters to the specific needs of these products. 

Each application presents its unique challenges, and one such case is edamame beans. Before being IQF frozen, edamame requires scrupulous blanching to deactivate enzymes, avoid oxidation, and maintain its natural texture and flavor contributing to the overall quality. Additionally, its thin fines can potentially clog the water nozzle or conveyor belt in the processing machine. 

Unlocking the secrets to perfect edamame processing has been a challenge for many food processors. However, one Thai edamame producer has cracked the code with the help of OctoFrost's cutting-edge technology. In this case study, we'll dive into the story of how OctoFrost's innovative solutions elevated the quality and efficiency of edamame processing, earning the producer international recognition for their superior product taste. 

Setting the Stage for Success 

Edamame, with its delicate flavor and texture, demands precise blanching to preserve its natural qualities. The Thai producer faced the daunting task of maintaining the ideal time and temperature during the blanching process, crucial for delivering top-notch edamame.  Their existing steam blancher fell short of meeting these requirements. In addition, the fine hair on edamame beans makes it even more challenging to process the product efficiently, potentially clogging the equipment and compromising efficiency and hygiene. 

Driven by their commitment to exceptional quality and stringent food safety regulations, the company recognized the need to upgrade their blanching technology. Enter OctoFrost's customized solution, tailored to tackle the unique properties of edamame. The revamped processing line featured the OctoFrost IF Blancher and IF Chiller, along with a dewatering system, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. They saw an opportunity for growth in upgrading their blanching technology as food safety regulations reach new levels.

The Power of Rainshower Technology

The OctoFrost IF Blancher turned out to be a game-changer. By utilizing water heated through direct steam injection and employing rainshower technology, it enabled the producer to achieve optimum heat transfer while maintaining absolute control over blanching temperature and time, preserving product quality. 

Compared to traditional steam blanchers, the OctoFrost IF Blancher provided energy savings by preventing steam leaks and employing a water recirculation system, reducing steam consumption by a remarkable 30% to 40%. 

Preserving Quality Every Step of the Way

The journey continued with the OctoFrost IF Chiller, utilizing the same rainshower system with recirculated ice-cold water to immediately stop the blanching process. With gravity-assisted water flow, the system ensures the product reaches a core temperature of 5°C or lower, safeguarding the integrity of each edamame bean. 

A Critical Finishing Touch

The dewatering system played a pivotal role in the final stages before freezing, efficiently removing excess water from the product. This crucial step prevented water from carrying over into the tunnel freezer. To maintain impeccable hygiene standards, customized automatic filters were implemented, ensuring continuous production without interruptions for cleaning and defrosting.

Elevating Quality, Garnering Recognition 

With the new installation, the producer can now process edamame more efficiently while preserving its natural taste and texture, bringing added value to their customers.  Their newfound efficiency, combined with the preservation of natural taste and texture, resulted in an outstanding product that garnered international acclaim.  Consequently, they recently received an international award for the superior taste of their product. 

Unleash the Potential of Edamame Processing with OctoFrost

Are you ready to take your edamame processing to new heights? OctoFrost's cutting-edge solutions offer unmatched quality, efficiency, and hygiene, allowing you to deliver a superior product that stands out in the market. Join the ranks of successful processors and unlock the true potential of edamame processing with OctoFrost's IQF technology.

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