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Nov 10, 2016 | News

Energy efficiency and environmental thinking are two connected subjects that are getting higher up on corporate agendas. But what is energy efficiency and why is it so important? Well, basically, what it means is using less energy to accomplish the same amount of work and in return you get lower operating costs. All of this while reducing the negative impacts of energy consumption globally and locally, in form of noise pollution, degradation of local environments and climate change.

Energy consumption is an essential element in development. Though increased energy use clearly has its benefits, it also generally implies higher than necessary operating costs put on the bill of the end consumers. For a company, higher energy efficiency will reduce operating costs and enhance profitability, thus making room for continuous economic development.

The frozen foods industry is growing and the demand for frozen foods is following the trend of convenience, quality, sustainable behavior and thus the need for better, more innovative freezing technologies. 

IQF technology – a modern solution

It is one of the most advanced freezing technologies used in the processing of frozen foods today. The prolonging of the shelf life and maintenance of the high quality of the products frozen with IQF technology means a substantial decrease of waste and thus the end consumer is offered a better product. Many countries and economical regions are focusing on this sector and are offering subsidies to companies investing in innovative, energy efficient technology.

What sets Octofrost technology apart?

The OctoFrost™ IQF freezing solution offers the lowest energy consumption and waste for IQF production due to its unique technological features and innovative solutions. The main reason why the OctoFrost™ is energy efficient, is the compact octagonal body with superior aerodynamics throughout the freezer and its efficient parts. Having an IQF freezer with a compact body and less turbulence, means that the fans will require less power consumption.

The OctoFrost™ is the most modern IQF freezer on the market. It is simple in design but advanced in function, and it is intentionally built with few moving parts. Together with the compact octagonal body, the other elements and features that make the OctoFrost™ so energy efficient are:

1. The bedplates

2. Frequency inverter controlled motors

3. Time between defrost

4. Minimizing Dehydration

5. Efficient PLC operation for defrost and cleaning

More about our optimized IQF equipment

Octofrost technology has many advantages when compared to alternatives, across the board. The use of patented OctoFrost™ bedplates instead of a conveyor belt inside the freezer allows less fan speed. This together with the inverter controlled motors translates into low energy consumption.

During production, the OctoFrost™ keeps the front of the coil clean through the PLC operated SRS system and thus substantially prolongs the number of production hours between defrost or cleaning. This minimizes downtime and water consumption for defrosting.

The unique design of the OctoFrost™ technology prevents snow formation thus minimizing dehydration - all snow that builds up during production inside a freezer is considered a direct waste of product and resources.

The PLC operated coil cleaning system controls the consumption of water needed to defrost the coil and eliminates the risk of wasting water.

For companies, the most important benefits of higher energy efficiency as a result of IQF equipment will be the link to the financial benefits of lower costs for running the business. Energy efficient companies gain competitive advantage over less energy efficient ones, by increasing their profits at current product prices or lowering their prices in order to gain market share.

Social Responsibility and the reduced environmental impact of companies will nowadays serve as an important marketing tool since the public perception of green technologies and sustainable behavior is taking an increasing role in the purchasing decisions.

Society as a whole benefits from increased energy efficiency, through both reduced environmental impacts of energy usage and from an economic point of view. Improved energy efficiency means lower marginal costs for products therefore sometimes lower prices on the market.

As OctoFrost Group is a 100% Swedish company, it embraced all the Swedish environmental values. Therefore, its entire manufacturing and delivery processes are thought through to be flexible, sustainable, reliable and user-friendly.

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