Premium bedplates from Octofrost


Sep 08, 2016 | News

The type and the quality of the transportation method of the product inside an IQF freezer is of crucial importance as it can affect the quality of the frozen product, the aerodynamics in the IQF freezer and even the freezing time and energy consumption.

So why all the fuzz around the OctoFrost bedplates?

OctoFrost has developed a unique bedplate which works very differently than any other solution on the market. Made of food grade plastic, the bed plates in the OctoFrost IQF freezers are perforated with holes with diameters decreasing towards the end of the tunnel. The bigger diameter of the holes in the first section of the OctoFrost IQF tunnel helps the warm product, freshly coming in the tunnel - which needs stronger airflow - to crust-freeze. As the product is frozen on the outside, the strength of the airflow is tempered down and therefore the diameter of the holes is decreased. It is worth mentioning here, that the strength of the airflow is not only controlled by the size of the holes in the OctoFrost bedplate, but also by adjusting the speed of the fans. The whole process can be controlled and customized to the type of product.

The thickness of the bedplate was also carefully chosen in order to obtain a high pressure drop which is needed for an even fluidization in each of the freezing zones. The rather thick bed plate allows bigger holes and maintains necessary pressure drop. A second advantage of a stiff and thick bedplate is that it transfers and distributes vibrations on a bigger area. This feature is especially helpful in the case of high brix products which are predisposed to sticking to the bed plate.

When it comes to the product transportation on the OctoFrost bedplate, the ingenuity of the OctoFrost team of engineers is taking us to the next level: an asymmetric movement has been developed which moves the bedplate back and forth at a specific tempo which makes the product advance by itself to the end of the IQF tunnel. The algorithm of the movement of the OctoFrost bedplate is patented and symbolizes the spirit of innovativeness and gumption of the company.

Another remarkable benefit of the OctoFrost bedplate is the puzzle-type connection between the sections of the bedplate. This makes it very easy to change bedplates for cleaning or product change. In addition, the puzzle connections make the fluidized bed area 35% larger in the OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel than in other IQF freezers (as the connection pins or other connection solutions hinder the airflow and therefore decrease the fluidized area of the product).

When it comes to the quality of the frozen product, the bedplates of the OctoFrost IQF freezer bring another significant advantage: the smooth surface of the bedplate leaves no marks on gentle products. Belt marks and freezing feet left on the product is a common drawback of other IQF freezers, however OctoFrost has overcame this disadvantage by the unique design of its bedplates which results in a high-quality frozen product.

This last benefit is seen as one of the most important ones: the ease of cleaning the OctoFrost bedplates outside the freezer which significantly increases the Food Safety. The unique design makes the change of the bedplates fast and easy. The OctoFrost bedplates can then be washed at high pressure outside the freezer, and by having an extra set of bed plates these can be quickly inserted for a product change or after a quick defrost and cleaning.

All in all, the OctoFrost bedplates definitely deserve all the fuzz around them. Easy to clean, easy to exchange, leaving no marks on the product, helping to achieve the optimal airflow, creating even and continuous fluidization and therefore avoiding lump formation and leading to an impressive freezing result – all these remarkable features are a clear result of the innovativeness and ingenuity of the OctoFrost team which will always focus on the needs and the thriving of its’ customers.

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