Innovative freezing technologies | Octofrost


Jun 01, 2017 | News

Environmental issues are on everyone’s minds nowadays, and all the actors from both civic society and governances all over the world, are looking for solutions to reduce the negative impact man has on the environment. This impact is influencing and threatening our health, our development, our way of living and ultimately our lives.

New food processing systems

The way our agriculture and food processing system is working right now is in need of substantial change, reset, and innovative thinking in order to address food waste, food scarcity and sustainable solutions for the outgrown of the world’s population.

New technologies are a viable solution to the current global food system, first and foremost because they are tackling the notion of energy consumption and energy efficiency. Energy efficiency and environmental thinking are tightly connected subjects which are getting higher up on corporate agendas due to the increasingly emphasize on responsible investment and social and environmental benefits. Companies and food processors all over the world are starting to recognize that new values can create new market opportunities.

Innovative IQF freezing

Freezing has always been seen as an efficient way of preservation and distribution of food, but traditional freezing methods such as cold store and old fashion IQF freezing come with the disadvantage of high energy consumption, high product dehydration, high risk for food safety and loss of the products main natural nutrients. With new innovative freezing technologies that address all the issues mentioned above, freezing can be upgraded to become one of the most important elements to fight waste and damage to our food supplies, all for a healthier more sustainable way of living.

The OctoFrost™ is the most modern IQF freezer on the market and it offers the lowest energy consumption and waste of product due to the unique and innovative features of the freezer. Investing in an OctoFrost™ will bring both short and long term energy consumption and water consumption cuts, as well as a high quality frozen product with natural appearance because OctoFrost ™ was built with design features that influence the energy consumption during production to the advantage of food processors.

OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel fans power consumption is lower compared with other IQF freezers because of the more effective aerodynamics inside the fans, custom made for this freezer both in the design of the blades as well as in the inside of the fans. The fans never need to run at more than 75% for high capacity heavy products such as strawberry, and between 30% and 40% for easy low capacity products such as shrimp. For herbs, the fans usually run around 20% even though there is more than enough total motor power.

Everyone benefits from increased energy efficiency, from reduced environmental impacts of energy usage to an economic point of view. Companies can still keep and even increase their market share, our life style gets healthier and our planet will treat us better in return.

Investing in innovative, modern technologies is our future.