Freezing IQF Blueberries with the OctoFrost™ Tunnel Freezer


The sector for IQF blueberries is growing as competition in the fresh market is heating up. Growers are subsequently moving their crop to the frozen market. Therefore, it’s vital now more than ever to offer premium quality IQF blueberries. OctoFrost’s IQF freezing technology focuses on delivering high-quality IQF blueberries.

Due to the special aerodynamics and unique bedplates, there are no belt marks on the surface of the final product. This helps with the preservation of the IQF blueberries’ natural appearance, smell, texture, and taste which contributes to a higher yield, therefore, maximizing the processor’s profits.

Above, you can see how well preserved IQF blueberries’ natural appearance and texture are during the freezing process. Watch more videos processing IQF applications on the OctoFrost YouTube channel here.

The optimal method to produce superior IQF blueberries is by using the OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel freezer, renowned in the frozen food industry for superior IQF products with premium quality. The OctoFrost™ tunnel freezer has an innovative design that provides four main benefits: food safety, natural appearance, high yield, and energy efficiency.


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