See who is becoming China’s biggest avocado supplier


Nov 29, 2017 | News

Until a few years ago, the Chinese consumers knew little to nothing about avocado, but together with the countries’ economic growth and higher life style they started to pay more attention to healthier, super food products. Today, avocados are found throughout all supermarkets and restaurants in China and it is quite a popular product.

The main avocado suppliers to China are Mexico, Chile and Peru. The Chilean avocado entered the Chinese market in 2014 and in the last year exported more than 13.000 tons of avocado in the country. That was a turning point for the Chilean avocado export in Asia, replacing Mexico as the largest supplier. The avocado export has increased continuously ever since and is expected to grow to 18.000 tones by next year.

What made Chilean avocados so popular in China though?

It seems that the Chilean avocado is a good solution for the Chinese consumers, how are looking not just for quality healthy food but also for better-priced products. Chilean avocados have a darker color and a better flavor because they contain different concentrations of fatty acids, due to Chile's Mediterranean climate type.

Chile also has governmental permission to promote their avocados in China, marketed as good quality fruits with very advanced preservation technology.

Chile is stepping up the game

Chile is the largest fruit exporter in the Southern Hemisphere, producing not only avocado but also fruits such as cherries, cranberries and grapes, all of which are very popular in China.

Last year alone, Chile sold fruits in value of 1.2 billion dollars to China, surpassing Thailand and thus becoming the largest supplier of fresh fruits to the Chinese market. Also, Chilean wine is the third most sold wine in China, behind French and Australian wines.

It seems that Chile has good climate preconditions as well as a good export knowledge. It will be interesting to see the evolution of this country and if they will develop even more products for international export.

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