New 3D animation demonstrates OctoFrost vegetable processing in detail
New 3D animation demonstrates OctoFrost vegetable processing in detail

New 3D animation demonstrates OctoFrost vegetable processing in detail

Sep 02, 2021

New 3D animation demonstrates OctoFrost vegetable processing in detail

The latest 3D animation enables a comprehensive understanding of the OctoFrost IQF Vegetable Processing Line – an all-in-one solution for vegetable processors around the globe.

"The design and ease of sanitation make the fast product changes possible."

Unilever, Germany

On 29 April 2021, OctoFrost released a series of animations elucidating the functions of its revolutionary technology. The sophisticated and technical aspects of the IQF Vegetable Processing Line are presented that showcase properties of each piece of machinery; the flotation Washer with aerial blower, OctoFrost IF Blancher, Flash Chiller, and IQF Vegetable Freezer. Working together with industry experts and graphic designers, OctoFrost achieved a complete visual representation that shows how food products are processed at each stage of the washing, blanching, chilling, and freezing processes.

OctoFrost’s use of the latest Impingement Flash (IF) technology, a cross-flow rainshower system and a water recirculation system ensure:

  • 90% less water consumption compared to other systems

  • 30-40% reduction in steam consumption

  • Quick heat transfer and fast chilling

  • Precise temperature control

"The bed plates represent an impressive technological progress."

Agro Superior S.A. de C.V., Mexico

In addition, the unique aerodynamics of the IQF Freezer and three optional bedplate movements solve common industry challenges related to:

  • Product separation

  • Dehydration

  • Energy consumption

OctoFrost IQF Vegetable Processing Line is also equipped with a Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) system, making it a self-cleaning, fully automated processing line. In addition, it has exchangeable bedplates with a puzzle connection that allow cleaning and sanitation outside the freezer while avoiding cross-contamination of different batches of products. The line is also equipped with a coil Snow Removal System for efficient foaming cleaning and rinsing.

The superior characteristics of the OctoFrost Vegetable Processing Line make it the most energy-efficient and sustainable product in the market, which guarantees premium product quality, high yield, and the greatest hygiene and food safety standards in the industry.

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"Our freezing becomes very easy with OctoFrost™. We increase our capacity and our revenue. OctoFrost™ team works closely with us. We are very impressed."

Saji Rujireak, Preserve Agro Products Co.

"As an owner that actually personally uses these machines, the latest OctoFrost IF Cooker, is the one I like."

Sinchai Luesukprasert, Marine Gold Products

"The products look bright, fresh and free flowing."

Graham Reed, Managing Director Pinnacle Foods