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IQF blueberries and common challenges for blueberry processors


Among all frozen products, the IQF blueberry segment is projected to be the fastest growing in the upcoming years due to the growing demand from the bakery and confectionery industries across the globe. Processing IQF blueberries has its challenges for blueberry processors though, and overcoming these challenges will make the difference in quality on the market. The most common challenges...

Chile becomes China’s biggest avocado supplier


Until a few years ago, the Chinese consumers knew little to nothing about avocado, but together with the countries’ economic growth and higher life style they started to pay more attention to healthier, super food products. Today, avocados are found throughout all supermarkets and restaurants in China and it is quite a popular product. The main avocado suppliers to China...

IQF herbs – a growing trend


Herbs such as mint, coriander, sage, basil, lemon grass and rosemary have been marginal imported products for many years, but the rapid increase of demand and cultivation have turned this products into a real trend on the market. The demand for herbs is steady but it has been growing gradually in the last 30 years, while the last 2 to...

The global organic sector is expected to grow over the next decade


According to Food, the Asian continent will drive the sales of all organic products over the next decade. They base their assumption on the growing understanding of customers within this sector as well as the government support in the organic grown and processed food. Raj Seelam, a pioneer in India for organic products and ingredients is one example of...

Infographic: The 6 Do's and Dont's when freezing IQF mango


Infographic: The 6 Do's and Dont's when freezing IQF mango

OctoFrost Link – the free online platform to bring business opportunities on IQF market


They say that innovation is change that unlocks new value and in today’s reality new value has become the motor of evolution and growth. This summer, OctoFrost, the globally known manufacturer of IQF freezers, has announced the acquisition of the Dutch processing equipment manufacturer – Innotec Systems, and this made OctoFrost a manufacturer of full IQF processing lines. A strategic,...